We are Christians, that means we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. To find out more about Jesus and what he may do for you, go to the website christianity.org.uk

Lockwood Baptist Church is a lively, caring Church a mile from the centre of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We are in a post-industrial area in the Holme Valley, on one of the main roads into Huddersfield, with a mixed community living nearby. We are fortunate in being six miles from both National Trust Moors and the Dales National Park. Being on a bus route and on a main arterial road, there is good access to Lockwood Baptist Church from the town centre, University and the valleys.

We are part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain –  www.baptist.org.uk –  a nationwide family of churches working to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world and the local community.

We, as Baptists, believe:

  • that ‘Jesus is Lord’. He is Lord over our individual lives, the life of each church, and the life of the whole world.
  • the bible is our authority for living.
  • after deciding to follow Jesus Christ believers should be baptised by immersion.
  • in the priesthood of all believers.
  • in freedom of each Church fellowship to worship and govern how they choose but we also believe that we are part of the wider Baptist Family and the wider Church in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Britain and the World and we have responsibilities towards each other.

For a fuller account of the Declaration of Principle and the Five Core Values of  Baptists, which we as Baptists aim to follow, go to the Baptist Website –  www.baptist.org.uk – and check out ‘Who Are Baptists?’