We are Christians who worship God in Lockwood and seek to serve the community by our prayers, actions and sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ. We are part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (see the page Who We Are and What We Believe).

At Lockwood Baptist Church we believe in the priesthood of  all believers and the whole Church body is involved in seeking the Lord’s leading. The Deacons ( leaders ) make recommendations to the Church Meeting, who seek the Lord’s leading in the final decisions for the Church.

We are without a minister at present. Worship services will be led by various prachers. If you are needing information or help you may contact the church office or speak to one of the Secretary or one of the Deacons.


Secretary: Mrs Rosalyn Waring

Mrs Pam Washington

Mr David Martin

Administrator: Mrs Jean Walters

There are also team leaders of the house bible-study groups, music group, youth work, building maintenance and other areas of church work.