RENEW 252 re-named RELAX 252

Posted on Jan 17 , 2022 in Previous Events

RENEW 252 now RELAX 252
Why the change of name?

Our RENEW 252 here at Lockwood Baptist Church was started by us being affiliated to the excellent organisation RenewWellbeing. As the years have gone by our structure has slightly changed and we find that we are doing certain things differently to the organisation of RenewWellbeing. We are extremely grateful for the training and all the help given to us by Ruth Rice and the team at RenewWellbeing, and now reluctantly part ways with them. We wish them every blessing for the future in the valuable work they do throughout this country.

So it’s a new start for us, we hope you will come and visit us for a cup of tea or coffee, cake or biscuit, where you can relax, chat or if you need a listening ear we can do listening. Where it’s OK not to be OK.

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