Coronavirus – We Are Temporarily Closed For Worship until the New Year when the situation will be reviewed

Posted on Sep 14 , 2020 in Forthcoming Events

Due to Coved-19 we have sadly closed for worship again, despite the Government allowing public worship in Tier 3 . We feel it wise to wait until the situation improves, following the widespread use of the vaccine and the r-number decreasing in our area.

We hope to open again in 2021 and will announce it here. Our service will be at 10:30 – 11:15 am approx ( doors open at 10:15 and close at 10:40am for monitored, safe entry ) 

We have stringent Health and Safety controls, which we are implementing for your safety, following the Government and Baptist Union guidelines for Places of Worship during the coronavirus epidemic. We open the doors at 10:15 am for the 10:30 am service and lock them at 10:40am so everyone may go through the safety procedures, which are:

*compulsory wearing of masks.

* sanitising of hands on entry and at different points in the church.

* temperature taken on entering.

* name and contact details taken on entering.

* entry not allowed if you have symptoms of covid-19 *social distancing of 2 metres.

* one way system marked with arrows.

* designated seating 2 metres apart.

* a short 30-45 minute service.

* a crèche room is available in the church – parents to bring children’s own toys and refreshments and to supervise them at all times. Children must stay seated with parent/carer if not using crèche. 

* a simple service with, sadly, no singing but hymns to be viewed on the large screen.

* We have room for up to 50 people to be safely seated.
* no refreshments after the service but you may buy drinks from the café over the road.

* the church garden is available after the service to meet in socially distanced groups. 

There will continue to be safe livestreaming of Worship every Sunday on the following sites:

A BBC virtual service will be broadcast on the radio at 8am Sundays.

Also at the following on line venues:

Moortown Baptist Church

The Well Baptist Church

Network Church, Sheffield

Cemetery Road Baptist Church


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